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GCSE Maths


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At Ethos we predominantly follow the Edexcel maths GCSE at either foundation level, where students can gain grades 1 to 5 or higher level, grades 4 to 9.

The course is divided into 5 areas, number, algebra, geometry, data handling and ratio and proportion. The curriculum focuses on acquiring and practicing skills, reasoning and problem solving. There are three assessment papers each 1 1/2 hours long, one of which is non-calculator.

The foundation course equips students with the knowledge and understanding to solve functional problems in everyday life, whereas the higher course develops those skills in more specialist areas, particularly useful in the study of science and engineering.

GCSE Maths Course Specification Download
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Entry Level Maths


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The Entry Level Certificate in Maths has been designed specifically to align with GCSE Maths and provides a progression route for lower attainers. The content is flexible and is designed to maximise engagement whilst building confidence. It provides basic and relevant mathematical skills to prepare students for post-16 education. Assessments are designed to be taken when learners are ready, whether this is at the end of each unit, end of term, or at the end of the year.

Entry Level Maths Course Specification Download
Entry Level Maths Curriculum Plan Download

Functional Skills Maths


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Functional Skills Maths is designed to develop the student’s ability to represent situations using mathematics, analyse calculations, solve problems and interpret mathematics to explain situations. They’re assessed in a single, external test which is either paper-based or onscreen.

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The Edexcel GCSE (9–1) Statistics qualification consists of two externally examined papers at each tier. Students must complete all assessments at the same tier in May/ June in any single year, and students can be entered for either Foundation or Higher tier. The GCSE (9-1) Statistics qualification incorporates numerous examples of real-life data and contexts, which build skills that students will use in other subjects, such as science and geography. Based on the principles of the statistical enquiry cycle, students gain a rounded understanding of how to interpret and apply data to a number of scenarios, both across subjects and in the real world.

Statistics Course Specification Download
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