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SEMH Interventions

Senior leaders use the available data to identify those pupils who need additional support to be able to address their social, emotional and mental health needs. To address these additional needs, we have an Intervention Instructor who will plan and deliver a comprehensive and detailed programme of sessions that focus on an identified area of need. These pupils will be aware of their targets and will be able to contribute to the planning of the session so that they are ‘done with them and not to them’.  


To enable pupils to play an active part in their learning we will support them to develop in the following areas:   

  • Self-control   
  • Sensitivity and consideration for others 
  • Pride in themselves and the school  
  • Enthusiasm and desire for learning   
  • Self-confidence  
  • An individual approach to behaviour  
  • An awareness and acceptance of others’ ways of life and different opinions   
  • Uphold values of Equality and Diversity 
  • A persistent approach to tasks   
  • A positive reaction against bullying and abuse

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Head Teacher Mandeep Little (Head of School)

Executive Head Teacher Rebecca Smith

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