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Forest school began in Scandinavia and has been developing in the UK for the last twenty years. Forest school supports holistic growth and is a student led learning process. It develops confidence and self-esteem through a learner inspired, hands on experience in a natural setting.

In our forest school sessions, we often visit local woodlands learning about our environment and sustainability. We are lucky enough to have our own forest school area on site with fire pits, tools, bush craft, wood working, a green house and a pond.

Forest school creates a non-judgmental environment for learners to take risks and grow overcoming them. Forest school helps participants to become resilient, creative, independent learners.

Our young people lead their own exploration in Forest School and so every session and every experience is personalised to meet the needs of all our pupils. They will help plan sessions and have a huge input in the development of our site. There is possibility for managed risk this could be physical such as fire lighting or climbing, or emotional such as trying new ways of working. At Forest School, as well as learning many new practical skills, the young people will use their Forest School sessions to look at areas of self-development they would like to improve on for life after Ethos College.

Forest Schools helps young people to

  • increase their self-awareness and self-esteem
  • build empathy
  • improve and maintain their physical and mental health
  • give them the opportunity to work with other young people, developing the essential social skills for collaboration and team work
  • develop leadership skills
  • Improve self-regulation
  • allow them to increase their confidence through developing new skills
  • promote their imagination, independence and creativity to improve their skills in the classroom
  • connect with nature and develop an understanding of the natural world
  • build resilience through risk taking and challenge, problem solving, and dealing with new situations
  • learning to accept failure as part of the learning process and develop the ability to persevere
  • learn about their environment and the wider community.

Students will also have the opportunity to complete the Level 1 Forest School qualification.

 “When I started Forest School I was really nervous and felt anxious about change. I gained confidence which has helped me in all aspects of my life. My social skills have also improved and I have made new friends. I have tried new things that I would never have tried before. I enjoy being outdoors in nature, something I did not think I would like, and now really look forward to Forest School sessions. Forest School has expanded my mind about the environment and nature.” –  Evie. Year 11


“ I have done Forest School throughout year 10 and year 11. I enjoy the opportunity to improve and learn new life skills. I can now use many tools really well and really enjoy sawing fire wood as it helps me calm down and concentrate. I love exploring the local woods and have gained self-confidence. I would definitely recommend Forest School to anyone”  – Michael. Year 11


“ I have done Forest School for 2 years. I would definitely choose it again and recommend it to others as it is fun and engaging. I enjoy the practical activities and like just being in the woods as it gives me a break from my other studies.” – Isaac. Year 11


Forest School Curriculum Map coming soon.

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