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Social, Emotional and Mental Health

At Ethos College we recognise that all children and young people need a solid foundation of positive social, emotional and mental health to benefit fully from all of the opportunities that are available to them. We provide opportunities for our pupils to be resilient and mentally healthy so that they can succeed in all aspects of their life. 

As a staff team, we track and monitor each pupil’s SEMH and provide a curriculum that is bespoke to them. We believe that teaching SEMH skills improve academic outcomes, keeps children safe and improves the mental wellbeing of pupils.


Many young people in schools are insecure about their worth and are often not able to articulate their feelings. Instead, they may show their discomfort by withdrawal, which results in them not making good relationships and achieving much less than they could. Others may act out their feelings of anger and failure through minor or major acts of disruption. Whatever the behaviour, the result is that they are not positively engaged in education. At Ethos College, understanding what lies behind these behaviours enables us to provide support for their social, emotional and mental health.

The Boxall Profile® is an invaluable tool to assess, identify and address children and young people’s social, emotional and behavioural development across the whole setting. We use the two-part checklist, which is completed by staff who know the young person best, to identify the levels of skills they possess to access learning. This enables us to ensure that every child and young person gets the support they need to fully engage with their education.

Boxall Profile® assessments are able to uncover undiscovered moderate SEMH needs in pupils; however, it is not designed as a diagnostic tool for specific mental health conditions, learning difficulties or developmental difficulties. Instead, assessments are designed to help us to understand and work more effectively with children and young people, in a way that’s sensitive to the needs of the individual child or young person.

At Ethos College, we use the Boxall Profile® to inform curriculum and intervention planning, which are tailored to each young person’s specific SEMH needs. Alongside addressing individual challenges, we also use it to evidence and meet levels of need across groups.

The Boxall Profile helps with:

Early identification and assessment 

Supporting staff to develop their observational skills and their understanding of children and young people’s difficulties.

Target setting and intervention 

Setting individualised, achievable targets that reinforce target behaviour and skills.

Tracking progress 

Helping staff review children and young people’s target behaviour.

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