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At Ethos College, the curriculum has been designed in such a way that there is flexibility and room for personalisation in order that we can respond to the needs of individual students. Consideration is given to the development of the whole student: their intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical development. The curriculum is delivered through engaging and creative teaching to engender curiosity, active participation and the development of students’ own unique, creative responses. We work in partnership with referring schools and alternative providers in order to complement and further extend the curriculum offer and support the transition to post 16 education.

We offer a core curriculum of English, maths and science, supported by nine Level 2 qualifications; alongside other personalised pathways that are designed to support foundation learners.

For further information contact Mandeep Little, Deputy Head Teacher: mandeep.little@eat.uk.com

Ethos College Curriculum Intent Download

The Ethos curriculum is based on the following shared values:

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