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At Ethos we provide your child with a rich and varied curriculum that takes into account individual social and emotional needs, prior learning and future aspirations. We provide a safe, caring environment that will promote health, individuality and dignity and we communicate regularly with parents / carers and mainstream schools.

To help us do this, we require that learners, parents / carers and mainstream schools work in partnership with us to support the following agreements:

  • Students+

    To help me do well at Ethos College I will:

    • Attend regularly;
    • Do my best to learn in lessons and will not stop others from learning;
    • Be pleasant and helpful;
    • Be peaceful ;
    • Be co-operative and work together;
    • Take care of the community and the environment;
    • Follow instructions;
    • Not smoke within the school day, both in the grounds or on any school activity;
    • Speak pleasantly and politely to everyone, including using appropriate language;
    • Behave appropriately and follow staff instructions whilst being transported in the minibus or staff cars.
  • Parents/Carers+

    To help my child do well at Ethos College, I will:

    • Ensure that they attend regularly and on time and avoid holidays in term time;
    • Support school and all procedures to improve / maintain attendance;
    • Work alongside Ethos staff to encourage appropriate behaviour;
    • Contact staff if there are any changes to circumstances or issues that may affect school and be contactable at all times during the school day;
    • Attend reviews/meetings on request;
    • Support the school and external agencies in the event of any safeguarding concerns;
    • Support the school approach to online safety and not deliberately post comments or upload any images, sounds or text that could upset or offend any member of the school community or bring the school into disrepute.
  • Ethos College+

    To help each student, we will:

    • Deliver a well-balanced curriculum that meets the needs of the individual student;
    • Liaise with parents/carers and other professionals when appropriate;
    • Report regularly on student progress;
    • Maintain high expectations in all areas;
    • Provide a safe and secure environment in which students are supported, challenged, encouraged to succeed, behave well, attend regularly and be punctual;
    • Motivate and reward students to do their best to achieve desired outcomes;
    • Regularly review the provision to ensure every learner is placed appropriately.

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