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The outdoor education curriculum is underpinned by strong character education that promotes skills such as independence, problem solving, team work, resilience, commitment and determination.  This leads to an improvement in self-confidence and belief by having a sharp focus on SEMH development.  Students take part in a range of activities including, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, swimming, walking and much more.

At a time when we are increasingly concerned about the physical and emotional wellbeing of our children and young people, outdoor learning brings with it a range of benefits which are now widely evidenced, acknowledged and accepted.

Taking the curriculum outside can improve attainment, increase engagement, and develop a wide range of skills including problem solving, communication and resilience. Outdoor learning also provides endless opportunities for experiential, contextual and applied education.

Students will take part in a range of challenging and engaging outdoor activities including mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, skiing, scuba diving and orienteering. These outdoor activities are complimented by indoor sessions such as bouldering, functional fitness, kickboxing and work towards Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 awards through the AQA Unit Award Scheme specific to the sports and activities that they take part in.


“Outdoor activities help to control my anger and I don’t lash out as much. If I’m annoyed, I know that I’ll be doing something soon that calms me down.”


“Outdoor education gives me the time and the space to work on ways to control my emotions.”

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