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AQA GCSE Art and Design





The Fine Art qualification consists of two components. A portfolio body of work to be displayed during an in-house exhibition and a 20-hour exam. Students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills in the context of their chosen area(s) of Fine art. In addition, students will be required to demonstrate skills in all of the following:

Appreciation of different approaches to recording images, such as observation, analysis, expression and imagination

Awareness of intended audience or purpose for their chosen area(s) of Fine art

understanding of the conventions of figurative/representational and abstract/non-representational imagery or genres

Appreciation of different ways of working, such as, using etching, engraving, dry point, mono printing, lino printing, screen printing and photo silkscreen

Understanding of pictorial space, composition, rhythm, scale and structure

appreciation of colour, line, tone, texture, shape and form.

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